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July 2020

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Dear residents and partners,

We are delighted to see that many of our local businesses are planning to reopen from this weekend, following the government’s change to lockdown restrictions.

Please be mindful that not all businesses will reopen so help them by checking their website or social media channels to see if they are reopening and, if they are, what measures you will need to follow to keep yourself and others safe.

Lockdown easing comes with risks of further outbreaks. To help us manage any new outbreaks in the county we have developed a ‘local outbreak control plan’ which includes details about the public health response and what actions businesses and residents might be asked to take – please take a look.

Finally, on Sunday (5 July) at 5pm we will join the nation in wishing the NHS a very happy 72nd birthday, and to say thank you for the incredible work they continue to do every day. We hope you'll find time to show your support as well, as we clap for these key workers.

Keep safe and thank you for your continued support.


Stay safe as pubs and restaurants reopen
Leaders from local authorities, blue light services and health have come together to urge people to stay alert to Covid-19 and avoid placing strain on local services as businesses reopen.

Read more.

Household waste recycling site

More items allowed at recycling sites
From Monday (6 July) residents will be able to deposit more items at our Household Waste Recycling Sites.

There are still restrictions on certain materials and social distancing rules apply.

Trailers will only be accepted at certain sites.

For full details read our release online.

Girl sat on floor with books

'Select and Collect' service coming to a West Sussex Library near you!
From Monday (July 6), West Sussex Library service is introducing a ‘Select and Collect’ service. People will be able to reserve specific titles in the usual way online or by phoning their local library.

These can then be collected from the front of all 36 of our libraries without the need to enter the building.

Find out more.

baby hand in adult hand

Birth registrations open for 2,000 West Sussex babies born since lockdown
The Registration Service has restarted birth registration appointments at certain locations across the county.

They anticipate they will need to register in excess of 2,000 births in the coming months, as lockdown restrictions stalled all birth registrations from the end of March.

Find out more.

litter on beach

Help keep our county clean
As lockdown restrictions are relaxing more people are visiting public spaces and areas of natural beauty.

Keep our countryside, beaches and parks clean by taking a bag for your own rubbish in case you cannot find a bin, or the bin is full.

Leisure ideas for this weekend.


Coronavirus updates
Visit our website for the very latest service updates.

Visit the webpage.

Please encourage your friends and family to subscribe to receive these important updates via our registration page.

Chichester District Council

Coronavirus Update


July 2020

Thursday 2 July 2020

Issued by the Communications Team –

This briefing is to keep you updated on the evolving situation around coronavirus (COVID-19) and the actions being taken in the district.

Who does it affect?

  • Residents and businesses within the district
  • Chichester District Council staff and councillors
  • Parish councils
  • Community groups and charitable organisations

In this briefing

  • Latest update
  • Stay alert
  • Service changes
  • Parks reopening
  • Litter in public places
  • Parking patrols boosted
  • Public toilets
  • Domestic waste and recycling collections
  • Parking offers
  • Meeting up with friends and family
  • Pubs and restaurants reopening
  • Stay safe, leave a space
  • Community hub
  • COVID-19 local outbreak plan
  • Legionella risks after lockdown
  • Keeping children safe online
  • Shielding reminder
  • Coronavirus statutory sick pay scheme
  • Stay in touch

Latest update

This week the Prime Minister made a speech outlining how the Government would be bringing forward £5billion of funding for capital investment projects to support jobs and the economic recovery. Projects include:

  • hospital maintenance;
  • road network improvements;
  • school re-building and repairs;
  • digital upgrades and maintenance to some court buildings;
  • prison building maintenance and creating temporary prison places;
  • a series of local growth projects; and,
  • money to speed up investment in town centres and high streets.

You can find out more about the Prime Minister’s announcement at

Stay alert

We can all help control the virus if we all stay alert. You can find more information on what you need to do and the very latest government advice is available

Service changes

Please for all the latest information.

Parks reopening

Our play parks will be open again by this weekend. Please make sure that you refer to the guidelines that we have placed at each site to make sure that you and your children stay safe.

Litter in public places

Our litter enforcement officers are patrolling busy areas and fining anyone who is caught littering. We have seen an increase in the amount of litter that is being generated, especially on our beaches and in our car parks. We want to assure you that our teams are working flat out to keep on top of this, but we ask that if you find a full bin, or you can’t find somewhere to place your rubbish, please take it home with you.

Even though we are regularly clearing up and emptying bins, the sheer volume of people using our car parks and beaches has meant that we have seen an increase in littering. We will be increasing our messaging from our Against Litter campaign, to remind people that they have a role to play in making sure that our district is kept beautiful. Find out more

Parking patrols boosted

We have boosted parking patrols, especially in our coastal areas, and we will continue to do this. We’ve also met with the West Wittering Estate who own and run West Wittering beach and car park to discuss concerns raised by local residents. They are gradually increasing parking capacity, and they are advising anyone who has not booked that they should not visit West Wittering beach. We have been issuing Penalty Charge Notices to anyone who parks illegally, and we are looking at other possible measures that could be taken. We are also working closely with West Sussex County Council, which is responsible for the roads, and the Police — who have the powers to deal with anti-social behaviour — to discuss what further action could be taken, especially when hot weather is expected.

Public toilets

All of our public conveniences remain open and are being cleaned regularly. Please remember to maintain social distancing when using our parks and toilets.

Domestic waste and recycling collections

We are continuing to empty your bins as usual, including household waste, recycling, green recycling and trade waste. The teams have been working hard to make sure that all services are running.

Parking offers

Don’t forget that if you are paying to park in Chichester District Council car parks you can select two hours and get a third free if you use the MiPermit app over the next three months. We are also offering free parking at Avenue de Chartres car park on Saturdays and Sundays for the next three months. Find out more

Meeting up with friends and family
From Saturday, two households will be able to meet up in any setting with social distancing measures - updated guidance on social distancing can be found at
Where it is not possible to stay two metres apart, this will be reduced to a distance of ‘one metre plus’. This means staying one metre apart, plus mitigations which reduce the risk of transmission.

Pubs and restaurants reopening

This weekend, many pubs and restaurants across the district will be reopening. We have written to all of them offering advice and guidance, especially around licensing and planning as the Government has indicated that restrictions in these areas could be eased this month, to help them get back on their feet.

However, we do ask that everyone makes sure that they plan ahead because many pubs and restaurants will be working to a strict ‘bookings only’ policy to limit numbers. Please make sure that you follow social distancing guidance at all times and avoid large gatherings or congregating outside licensed premises.

Stay safe, leave a space

It is vital that we all observe social distancing rules as part of our fight against coronavirus. We’ve produced signage which is being displayed across the district, reminding people that they must stay safe and leave a space. We’re currently working on another project which will further expand on this work and we’ve also produced a video with our local businesses to welcome shoppers back to our High Streets

While our Civil Enforcement Officers, Foreshore Officers and Community Wardens have all been closely monitoring social distancing and offering advice, they do not have any powers to enforce these measures.

Community hub

We are continuing to work in partnership with West Sussex County Council and its Community Hub which is there to support the most vulnerable residents in our communities. We have been supporting the hub by collecting and delivering food, supporting volunteers, calling people to check that they are okay.

You can contact the Community Hub if you, or someone you know, need help, or if you want to volunteer your services in these difficult times. This will be available seven days a week and staff will be on hand to respond to enquiries from 8am-8pm. The team will be contacting the most vulnerable to tell them how to get help. The best way to contact the hub is online; if you have access go

A dedicated telephone helpline is also available for residents who are unable to go online: 033 022 27980. We are trying to keep the resources available through the hub for those who are most vulnerable, so if you do have support in place already, such as from family or friends, then please continue to use their support.

COVID-19 local outbreak plan

We have been working very closely with West Sussex County Council and our other partners to create a Covid-19 Local Outbreak Plan. The plan works hand-in-hand with the test and trace system, providing a strategy on how we will reduce the spread of the virus if infections start to increase locally. If we see a local spike in coronavirus cases, the plan will ensure a speedy response to contain the virus and prevent it from spreading further. This could range from making sure that infected individuals self-isolate, to locking down a specific local setting or even introducing a wider local lockdown where we will all need to follow this agreed plan.

Legionella risks after lockdown

Our Health Protection Team is reminding local businesses and voluntary groups that they must legally consider the potential for hazardous bacteria if their water system has been fully or partially closed during the lockdown period. If premises have been closed, or operating at reduced capacity, there is an increased risk of Legionella, which grows in water systems that have not been flushed through regularly, and where water has stagnated.

Those premises currently preparing to reopen can find information and advice at as well as helpful links

Keeping children safe online

Advice and guidance to help parents and carers to keep children safe online during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been updated and can be found at

Shielding reminder

Millions of people shielding from coronavirus will be able to spend more time outside their homes from Monday 6 July. You can find out more information

Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme

The guidance for employers on whether they can use the Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme to claim back employees’ coronavirus-related statutory sick pay has been updated to include Information about employees who have transferred under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006. Find out more

Stay in touch

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Town and Parish News

Issue 16


July 2020

Issue 16 | July 2020

mobile headerPlans published for protecting West Sussex residents from the spread of COVID-19

Plans for how West Sussex will cope with any local outbreak of COVID-19 have been published by the county council.

Every county and unitary council has been asked to publish its plans to deal with local pockets of the virus which may appear.

The West Sussex plan, which includes details about the public health response, what action businesses and members of the public might be asked to take, and how this will be communicated, can be found on our website.

Find all the latest local and national information - including service updates - about the pandemic here.

cycleway schemeGreen light for 21km of temporary cycleways in West Sussex

Great news for cyclists! Funding for all seven temporary cycleway schemes in West Sussex has been approved by the Department for Transport.

Read the full story.

Photo credit: Darren Cool Images

child and bookSelect and Collect service coming to a West Sussex Library near you

From Monday (July 6), West Sussex Library service is introducing a ‘Select and Collect’ service. People will be able to reserve specific titles in the usual way online or by phoning their local library. Those customers who may not know what they want to borrow will be able to ask for a more general selection chosen by a member of the library team. These can then be collected from the front of all 36 of our libraries without the need to enter the building.

Photo credit: Khamkhor from Pixabay

apprenticeFunding available for apprenticeship training

Applications are now open for West Sussex based businesses to apply for funding for apprenticeship training from the county council. As an apprenticeship levy payer, the county council can transfer 25% of their annual levy fund to other employers through a digital account. This funding can then be used to fund apprenticeship training for a new, or existing staff member to help tackle skills gaps.

Click here to find out more information or to make an application

Applications will be reviewed on a first come first served basis and the application period could end at any time.

gigabit Gigabit voucher scheme

Partnership working by West Sussex councils and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport means extra money will be available for gigabit-capable broadband for residents and businesses in rural areas.

Parish and Town Councils can support by raising awareness of the scheme and connecting individuals seeking to progress applications with others in their community. If you are aware of members of your community who would like to improve their broadband we would like to hear from you.

More about the new West Sussex Gigabit Voucher Scheme here and here

Photo credit: Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

handsBirth registrations open for West Sussex babies born since lockdown

The Registration Service has restarted birth registration appointments at certain locations across the county. They anticipate they will need to register in excess of 2,000 births in the coming months, as lockdown restrictions stalled all birth registrations from the end of March. Further guidance on the current procedure for registering a birth can be found on our website.

Photo credit: Daniel Nebreda from Pixabay

shut fires outShut fires out!

Did you know - by closing your doors at night or before leaving the house, you can prevent the spread of a fire and toxic smoke by up to 20 minutes?

During 2018/19, West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service attended 428 house fires, many of which involved vulnerable people. We would really appreciate it if you could please help us share the message within your communities, to reduce this statistic and keep more people safe in their homes. We have created a toolkitwith all the resources and messages you need to share the information far and wide.

campaignsOur latest communication campaigns

Take a look at three of our latest communication campaigns:

Feel free to share these links, and the information contained within, to help keep your residents updated and informed.

Consultation hub

WSCCHave your say on local issues that affect you

Have your say on matters that affect you and your local communities - and get your residents to do the same - by visiting our Have Your Say Consultation Hub. From major road schemes and Joint Area Action Plans, to premises licence applications and safeguarding in our schools; we want to hear your residents' views to help shape future policy and decisions.

Go to the Have Your Say Consultation Hub for details of all of our current consultations.

Your voice Your Voice: The People's Panel

Alternatively, encourage your residents to join Your Voice: The People's Panelwhere they'll be regularly consulted about a number of important local issues. Once registered they'll receive links to surveys, reports and outcomes and occasionally links to other public surveys.

Find out more information and subscribe here.

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Singleton and Charlton Parish Council



June 2020


As the lock down rules begin to ease, we want to update you with the Parish Councils plans.

I am sorry that the baking will now be coming to an end but do hope you have enjoyed our amazing baking volunteers treats! The thumbs up system will no longer be monitored every day. Here is the number to call if you are at all worried or need any help at all.

If you were allocated a dedicated volunteer, they will be in contact with you directly.

Viv – Parish Clerk: 01243 811810

You can also email:

For those of you who have been in isolation for the last twelve weeks, I can appreciate that you may be very wary and anxious of venturing out, if you need any support or advice then please do contact us.


Singleton and Charlton Parish Council has a new website which we hope you find much easier to use. We also have a mailing list! We would love you to sign up so that we can communicate news with you more easily. It is, of course, fully GDPR compliant and we would NEVER share your email address with anyone or any other organisation.


The new defibrillator in Charlton is being installed next week and is situated in the red phone box by Charlton Barns. We very much hope you never need it. And a huge thank you to Cllr Robert Mayne for organising and painting the phone box!


We are thrilled that Louisa is going to be opening the café on July 4th. There will only be three tables inside which will have to be booked in advance. On fine weather days Louisa will be placing some tables by the pond too! There will be a full takeaway service from the kitchen door.


We will be holding our parish council meeting via Zoom online on July 15th. If you would like to join please email Viv and she will send you the link.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing team of volunteers who have helped during the last three months. The bakers, the daily checking of the thumbs up, the shoppers and pharmacy runners. You are all stars.

We know that this crisis is not over but as a community I think we can say so far so good!

Remember if you need help – shout out!

Many thanks

Deborah Harwood

Vice Chair

On Screen Reader