The local planning authority for Singleton and Charlton Parish is South Downs National Park. They consult on planning applications within the South Downs National Park. To see information on local planning applications go to,

You can view all documents and comments associated with an application.

Singleton and Charlton Parish Council hold public meetings to discuss any complex applications. These meetings are advertised on the notice boards and website. If you have any comments or queries regarding planning applications, please contact the Parish Clerk via email – or telephone – 01243 811810.

Below are the current applications in this Parish.

Planning List – 16th September 2020 to 18th November 2020

Reference 20/04145/TCA

Bramley Cottage, Charlton Road, Singleton

Notification of intention to reduce height by 1m widths by 2m and crown thin by 30% and crown lift by up to 2m (above ground level) on 1 Bramley Apple Tree

Planning Officer – Henry Whitby

Deadline for Comments – 11/11/20

Singleton Parish Council Comments –We have no objection to this application, and would encourage, routine winter pruning of apple trees.

SDNP Decision -

Reference 20/03438/TCA

Crossroads House, North Lane, Charlton

Notification of the intention to reduce height by 2.5m, reduce widths by 2m on north sector and 1m in east and south sectors and remove 1 stem (that is splitting away at fork) on northeast section on 1 Goat willow tree.

Planning Officer – Henry Whitby

Deadline for Comments – 30/10/20

Singleton Parish Council Comments – No Objection.

SDNP Decision – Raised No Objection

Reference 20/03931/FUL

1 Bankside, Charlton Road, Singleton

Proposed Shepherds Hut in rear garden for private use and occasional holiday let.

Planning Officer – Rebecca Perris

Deadline for Comments – 26/10/20

Singleton Parish Council Comments – In general we have no objection to this proposal, although concerns were raised about adding to the parking problems along that stretch and the risk of setting a precedent that could further exacerbate this.

SDNP Decision -

Reference 20/03592/LIS

Grove House, Singleton

Extension and replacement of existing patio.

Planning Officer – Jenna Shore

Deadline for Comments – 09/10/20

Singleton Parish Council Comments – The Parish Council has considered this application and has no objections.

SDNP Decision -

Reference 20/03871/HOUS

The Old Granary, East Dean Lane, Charlton

Ground mounted solar panels.

Planning Officer – Beverley Stubbington

Deadline for Comments – 15/10/20

Singleton Parish Council Comments – We are very much in favour of any measures to take advantage of renewable energy in a setting that has no impact on others; for this reason we support this application.

We would point out that the drawings accompanying the application still show the roof mounted panels, which were proposed and rejected in 2019; as the application form clearly refers only to ‘Ground mounted solar panels’, we assume these others are not part of this application.

SDNP Decision -

Reference 20/01982/HOUS

Wayside, Singleton, PO18 0HD

Single storey detached garage.

Planning Officer – Beverley Stubbington

Deadline for Comments – 04/08/20

Singleton and Charlton Parish Council Comments - No Objection

SDNP Decision - Refused

Reference – 19/04463/FUL

West Dean Estate, Town Lane

Retrospective approval for the upgrade and resurfacing of an existing private forestry access road on the West Dean Estate. The proposed description of development Is as follows, “Retrospective resurfacing of section of private single-track lane”.

Planning Officer - Rafa Grosso Mcpherson

Deadline for Comments - 02/03/20

Singleton and Charlton Parish Council Comments - No Objection {Reservations Registered}

SDNP Decision – Approved 2/10/20

Reference 20/01068/HOUS & 20/01069/Listed Building

The Old School House, Church Lane, Singleton, PO18 0EZ

Removal of flat roof dormers and 1960’s extensions. Part two storey, part single storey rear extension. Restore former roof lines. Demolition of WC in garden. Replacement garage.

Planning Officer – Beverley Stubbington

Deadline for Comments – 21/08/20

Singleton Parish Council Comments – Support but with reservations. Document uploaded with suggestions on design and resident’s comments on access for contractors.

SDNP Decision - Approved