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Standing Orders

These provide an agreed procedure for discussion, decision making and action and bring a certainty and consistency in the way business is conducted. Revised and updated 19th September 2018

Code of Conduct

All Councillors have to follow and abide by this and it sets out general principles of conduct as well as the disclosable pecuniary and other interests councillors have to declare. Last updated November 2018

Co-Option Policy

Details of how the Parish Council co-opts new Parish Councillors when there is a vacancy on the Parish Council

Website Terms & Conditions Policy

Details the terms and conditions associated with the website Last Updated July 2016

Freedom of Information Policy

Details what information can be obtained and how Last Updated November 2018

Pension Discretion's Policy

This policy sets out the discretion's the Parish Council choose to apply to the Local Government Pension Scheme which the Clerk is a member of.

Financial Regulations

These ensure that public accountability and high standards of financial integrity are exercised over the control of pubic funds. They comply with and support legislation relating to Local Councils.

Complaints Procedure 2019

Singleton Charlton Parish Council - Complaints Procedure

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