The Parish Council are committed to helping residents in our parish be more resilient and prepared. 

We work closely with Chichester District Council which is part of the wider Sussex Community Resilience Partnership. Their aim is to support local community responders including your Parish Councillors to help them stay safe while providing community resilience to assist their local community in preparing and responding to emergencies.

Useful Information:

Parish Winter Maintenance Plan - read it here.

Power Cuts - support from UK Power Networks
If you need extra support in a Power cut, register here for free or email
If you have a power cut call 105
Text POWER and your postcode to 80876

Sussex Resilience Forum
Their website provides information on protecting yourself and your family including being prepared at home, creating an evacuation plan, family emergency plan and home emergency kit.

Water & Waste water emergencies - Southern Water
Step by step guide to cope with water and wastewater emergencies 

Flood Warnings - Flooodline
Sign up for flood warnings online or call Floodline if you're in an area at risk.
0345 988 1188 (24 hrs)

Your Parish Councillors - ring us
If you've already identified yourself as a vulnerable resident as part of the Parish All Purpose Emergency Plan, it's likely a Councillor will be in contact with you in an emergency. If you are the first to hear of the emergency and require help, please contact any of the Councillors on the contact list. They will then access the call list of all Parish Councillors and will ring around to establish who is available to help.

General help & support in an emergency - Chichester District Council
In an emergency, you can call 01243 785 or Out of hours (5pm – 8.45am) 01243 785339

Emergency Services
In an emergency call 999

In the event of imminent or actual flooding, protect your own property and support your neighbours where possible. 
Householders are encouraged to plan for and put in place their own flood protection measures as there is no guarantee that Chichester District Council will be able to supply you with sandbags.

Note: CDC does not have a statutory duty to provide sandbags to residents or businesses.
Sandbags will only be supplied to a residence that is in immediate threat of flooding i.e. the water is at the door step and there is a serious threat the water will come into the property. In most cases you will be charged for this service.

 Merchant     Address     Telephone Information
 Covers Sussex House, Quarry Lane, Chichester 01243 785141 
 Stearns Shipton Green Lane, Itchenor 01243 512823 
 Manhood Builders 50 High Street, Selsey 01243 603322 
 M H Kennedy & Son Ltd Pendean, Westergate Street, Westergate 01243 543530 Filled sandbags supplied
 Floodstops 15 Ellis Square Selsey Chichester
 01243 201100 Hydrosacks, Hydrosnakes

In an emergency call:
Chichester District Council: 01243 785166
Out of hours (5pm – 8.45am): 01243 785339
For traffic management or road closures call West Sussex County Council: 01243 642105