Singleton Valley Flood Action Group (SVFAG) was formed in 2014 after the serious flooding in February of that year, and applied for funds through the Government initiative Operation Watershed. 

The Flood Action Group operates outside of the Parish Council and is a separately constituted body. Former Councillor Neil Hedger acted as liaison between the two to ensure clarity of message, smart use of resources and the opportunity for constructive comment and discussion on proposed flood alleviation works at Parish Council meetings. 

SVFAG's main aims are:
  1. To prevent flooding in Singleton and Charlton.
  2. To improve early warning of flooding.
  3. As part of the wider Parish Council All Purpose Emergency Plan, to develop a detailed and specific plan of action for when flooding is either imminent or actually happening. The Parish All-purpose Emergency Plan and databases would be used by the Flood Action Group as required – namely to identify the vulnerable residents and the voluntary resources to help during times of flooding.
  4. To obtain funds for the purchase of equipment to reduce flood damage.
  5. To form a group that could be relied upon for mutual support in times of crisis.
  6. To empower villagers to protect their properties by providing information and support.

 The SVFAG can be emailed on: 

Useful information:

Flood Warnings - sign up
Sign up for flood warnings from the Environment Agency or call Floodline if you're in an area at risk.
0345 988 1188 (24 hrs)

Localised Flooding  - daily flood risk forecasts
Also known as 'surface water flooding', this usually happens when drainage systems are unable to cope with heavy spells of rainwater. There are no means for a direct warning for this type of flooding. Instead, the Environment Agency forecast where it might cause problems and put out a daily flood risk forecast on their website.  

Public Health England and Environment Agency Flooding Advice 
Leaflet on planning for flooding before it happens, what to do during a flood and recovering and cleaning up after a flood

Prepare a Flood Kit
One simple thing you can do to prepare before a flood is to create a kit of essential items and keep it to hand.

Flood Stop
A local flood defence company, there is lots of useful information and advice on this website.