Agendas and minutes of all 2017 meetings can be downloaded below.

The original signed and approved minutes are only available in hard copy and stored on file.

Type of Meeting DateDocuments
 Full Council Wed 18 January 2017 
 Full Council Wed 15 March 2017Agenda for Parish Council Meeting 15.03.17 - Singleton.pdf
Minutes of PCM - 15.03.17.pdf
 Annual Council Meeting  Wed 17 May 2017
 Annual Parish Meeting Wed 24 May 2017Singleton Parish Council - APM Agenda 24.05.17.pdf
 Extraordinary Council Meeting               Friday 9 June 2017Agenda for Extraordinary PCM - 09.06.17 - Singleton.pdf
Parish Council Minutes 09.06.17.pdf
 Full Council Wed 19 July 2017 Agenda for Parish Council Meeting

draft Parish Council Minutes 19.07.17.pdf
 Full Council     Wed 27 September 2017
 Full Council Wed 15 November 2017
 Extra-ordinary Council Meeting Wed 13 December 2017