Parish Councillors are not employees, they are elected local residents who volunteer their time to work for free on behalf of their communities. They do not have to belong to a political party, they just need to be concerned with local community mattersThey are elected by residents at ordinary elections which are held every four years. If a position becomes vacant due to a Councillor resigning, dying, or being disqualified, a vacant seat is created. If after displaying a notice of vacancy for at least 14 working days, no written notice has been submitted by at least 10 electors of the Parish requesting a by-election , the vacancy can be filled by co-option. 

The Parish Clerk is the proper officer and statutory office holder; they are not an elected member but a paid employee of the council. Their role is to ensure that the Council as a whole conducts its business properly and to provide independent, objective and professional advice and support. 

Your Parish Council has the following members: 
If you wish to contact your councillors, please in the first instance direct your query to the Clerk

Clerk - Vivien Nuttall
01243 811810

Cllr John McDonald
01243 811681
07968 192482

Cllr Deborah Harwood

Vice Chairman

07976 800965

Adrian Taylor
01243 818009

Cllr Jasper Richmond
07916 342980

Cllr Robert Mayne
01243 811698
07773 760769

Cllr Jane Mayhew
01243 811827
07557 905808

Cllr Rebecca Trowell
07881 274442

Cllr Jeremy Hunt
County Councillor, Chichester North
033 022 24536

Cllr Henry Potter
District Councillor, Boxgrove Ward
01243 527312